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You wrote it!

Congratulations, the hard part is over. You've written your book, article, thesis, graphic novel, speech...whatever your beloved collection of words may be.

I'll hold your hand as you take the next step.

Editing comes in several forms. What you need from me will vary based on your project, experience level, and—of course—your budget.

I offer three separate packages. If you are unsure which you require, reach out and we can discuss your needs.

Manuscript Evaluation: This is general, big-picture feedback on a manuscript. At this level, I will accept finished or unfinished works. During a manuscript evaluation I will assess pacing issues, character development, structure, and general style. I will identify plot holes and provide general plot feedback and improvement suggestions. You will receive a detailed editorial letter as well as an annotated copy of your manuscript. 

Copyediting: This level looks at your prose, your style, the text itself on a line by line basis. It is for polishing your sentences so that your work flows well. I will offer suggestions for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and inconsistencies throughout the text.
Proofreading: This is your final step, the one that many people think of when they hear the word "edit." This level provides one final pass for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The goal is to catch any final typos after copyediting has been completed, and fine tune the overall appearance of your manuscript to ensure it meets general industry standards. I will only accept manuscripts for proofreading that have already been copyedited (by myself or another editor).  

Rates are variable depending on the type of editing required, as well as length, and genre. If you have a tight deadline and require a priority edit, that will also affect the final quote.

As a general guide, my rates per type are:


  • Manuscript evaluation: $.01 per word

  • Copyediting: $.012 per word

  • Proofreading: $.005 per word

For bundles, discounts, and multi-book savings, please email or use the form on the contact page.

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